The Scott Trust Legacies of Enslavement report, the price of using social media in Saudi Arabia, and the winners of the 2023 Sigma Awards

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The Scott Trust Legacies of Enslavement report. In 2020, the Scott Trust commissioned an academic review into the founding of the Guardian in 1821 by John Edward Taylor and his financial backers. That investigation is now complete, and here we present the findings, along with the trust’s response.

The price of using social media in Saudi Arabia. After her sister was murdered, one Saudi woman tried to get justice online only to be silenced at every turn. Lynzy Billing will be a #ijf23 speaker

Honoring the best in data journalism: winners of the 2023 Sigma Awards. This year, 10 winners were selected from 638 entries, sent from 80 countries. The Sigma Awards site is a trove of information: the teams behind each of the winning projects detail their tools, techniques, and each project’s impact, so dive in if you’d like to learn more about how they were done.

The Vulkan Files: a look inside Putin’s secret plans for cyber-warfare. Elite hackers from Russia have their sights set on airports and power plants around the world, along with the internet. Confidential data from Moscow, obtained by DER SPIEGEL and its partners, now provide a look inside their arsenal of cyber-weapons and reveal their strategy. Frederik Obermaier and Bastian Obermayer will be #ijf23 speakers

How open-source evidence was upheld in a human rights court. Many questions remain as to how open-source data can be used or presented in court as evidence. But with the ongoing war in Ukraine presenting a mountain of open-source data for prosecutors to work with, understanding those questions and how they can be answered is of vital importance. A recent decision at the European Court of Human Rights on the case of Ukraine and The Netherlands vs Russia provides some insight into how such evidence may be treated and the challenges it could face.

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What is agile?
Even if you know the answer, this latest entry in the McKinsey Explainers series includes lots of opportunities to dive deeper into the topic. Learn more here.

RSF has new evidence about identity of Russian soldiers in area where Ukrainian journalist was killed. In the latest phase of its investigation into the execution-style killing of Ukrainian journalist Maks Levin and a friend in a forest near Kyiv in March 2022, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has identified all of the Russian military units that were in the area at the time, and several dozen Russian soldiers whose phones connected with mobile phone antennae in the immediate area.

BuzzFeed is quietly publishing whole AI-generated articles, not just quizzes. These read like a proof of concept for replacing human writers.

How a new generation of women are driving a golden age of data journalism in Kenya. Eunice Magwambo, Purity Mukami and Juliet Atellah discuss their work and the challenges faced by data journalists in their country.

Ethical dilemmas in wartime journalism – insights from Ukraine. How do you balance journalistic standards, civil duty and personal feelings when your country is at war?

Twitter is dying. The simple truth is that building something valuable — whether that’s knowledge, experience or a network worth participating in — is really, really hard. But tearing it all down is piss easy.

Launching the New Media Incubator. New opportunity for European news startups. Apply by 14 June 2023.

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