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We hereby inform you that the International Journalism Festival (IJF) processes your personal data (name, surname, image, email) in accordance with rules of the European Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR), for the sole purpose of presenting and organizing events of the Festival and related initiatives, including debates and interviews. Some data (name, telephone, e-mail) may be disclosed to third parties who perform instrumental and/or necessary functions for IJF organization, such as sending mail, data analysis, logistics and transport (taxi), overnight stay (hotels), etc.

Furthermore, by participating in IJF, you expressly authorize the audiovisual filming (photographs, videos) during the events in which you will participate, as well as any footage taken in the spaces adjacent to the IJF environments, and the non-exclusive use of your image and your name in order to allow the Festival to publicize your participation in IJF events, without limits of time, space and support and without having anything to claim in terms of compensation and/or rights, and in particular authorizes the online broadcasting on video sharing spaces (YouTube ) and/or on the websites and and linked sites, at the discretion of Data Controller, and at the same time renounces any right, action or claim or compensation arising from the above authorized, for the use of the name and/or the image, or for the composite use of your personal data. This authorization does not allow the use of filming in contexts that can affect the personal dignity and decorum and for purposes other than those indicated above.

The lawful base of the data processing is the legitimate interests of the Data Controller, with reference to the participants in the events as speaker regarding the audiovisual filming and the eventual online dissemination on the IJF website, since IJF is an international cultural event known to be publicized and disseminated via the Internet.

The lawful base is the contractual and precontractual obligation, in the case of data processing deriving from working collaboration (staff) or volunteering.

The Data processing is based on consent, in particular with reference to the data processing for logistic accommodation (hotels) and transport (taxi). With the acceptance email, even if implicit acceptance, and with the participation to IJF, You consent to the processing of your data for the purposes above indicated.

The provision of data and therefore the consent to the processing is optional, You can deny consent, and You can revoke at any time an already given consent (through communication to the Data Controller). However, denying consent to the processing of data as denying the use of image rights makes it impossible to accept your participation in IJF.

For more detailed information on data processing, please refer to the privacy policy on the page: (ENG) or

The Data Controller under the laws in force is Il Filo di Arianna
, which can be contacted by email or at the address “via Assisi 93 (06089) Torgiano (PG), Italy”.