The workshop will provide a brief introduction into the new search paradigm and explains how to use Tame to professionally to search and analyse trends, experts and links on Twitter.

We are currently experiencing a fundamental shift when it comes to online research. At the same time as Google is expanding into ever more areas, its core and starting point - the search engine - is massively losing relevance. Not only is the quality of the search results decreasing due to SEO and Marketing pollution, the bigger problem is the latency of its information distribution. Journalists increasingly grow accustomed to realtime information flows as they know it from Twitter.

But what we experience these days when we search for information online is not about Google or Twitter it's about a new structural paradigm. David Gelernter termed it the "worldstream". The bottom line is: We will receive more and more information in form of information streams like Twitter and Facebook. Those streams will become the most important information sources for journalists who rely on timely information. Their only problem: It's currently almost impossible to discern the news from the noise on those platforms. With our context-search engine Tame we offer a solution for this problem and enable journalists to make sense of Twitter.