Frederik Fischer

chief editor

Frederik Fischer is chief editor of, an expert-driven aggregation platform and co-publisher of the media innovation think tank Vocer. He teaches digital journalism at the Hamburg Media School and works as host and speaker at various industry events. Prior to his current position, Frederik worked as head of audience engagement at Krautreporter, Germany’s biggest crowdfunded newsroom. In 2012 Frederik founded the context search engine Tame, which is used by newsrooms worldwide. He studied journalism and finance in Hannover, Aarhus, Amsterdam and London. During his studies he set up MundusMedia an international journalism network with journalists from over 50 countries. As a freelance technology journalist, he worked for ARD, ZDF, Arte, Zeit Online and Wired.

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Events in past editions
#IJF13 / 24 april 2013

The new search paradigm

The workshop will provide a brief introduction into the new search paradigm and explains how to use Tame to professionally to search and analyse trends, experts and links on Twitter. We are current...