As journalists become more heavily dependent on digital technologies for their work, it becomes more imperative that they exercise fluent control of the sensitive information they manage. Digital technologies are, on the one hand, great empowering tools for journalism, and on the other, for censorship, entrapment and control. For journalists working on sensitive issues, especially related to civil rights and corruption, digital insecurities can lead to consequences in the physical realm and can pose a threat to our physical and psychological well-being, along with that of the sources and communities we work with.

In this session we will lead participants through a mapping exercise to get a sense of the quantity of sensitive and public information we manage, where we store it, and how it moves. We will look at the fundamental elements of information security planning, and simple, practical strategies for protecting this information against threats ranging from data loss to infiltration, spying and censorship.

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This session is part of the School of Data Journalism organised in association with European Journalism Centre and Open Knowledge Foundation