Effective institutional health communication, the use of social media and apps, the digital culture within the public administration. A discussion with experts in the field.

Social media and applications for smartphones and tablets can change the way we communicate and promote health. Through them, in fact, it is possible to make more effective information campaigns to change unhealthy lifestyles (which are often the basis for many diseases with high social impact), to provide targeted information to citizens and patients suffering from a specific disease or who are at risk of developing one and to identify through their feedback specific needs. Are the institutions ready to use these tools? Are there risks (related to health or privacy) for citizens/patients when they use them? Is specific regulation required? Is there any evidence to prove their effectiveness in terms of public health? These are some of the questions that the panel will try to answer.

Organised by the Health Department of the Umbria Regional Council

Moderator: Luca De Biase