Andrea Appino, aka Appino, and Gianni Pacinotti, aka Gipi, recount through their art – Appino with music and Gipi with drawing - Italy past and present. Both come from Pisa. Andrea was born in '78, Gianni in '63. They represent two different generations with many points in common: above all the ability to make us see in a direct manner, sometimes hard like a punch in the stomach, stories of Italian provincial life.

Both artists have always put themselves into play in their work. Appino says of his solo album Il testamento: "It's the total liberation of my deepest sorrows, the real and difficult history of my family used as a vehicle for group therapy, necessary and sometimes violent". Unastoria, the latest publication of Gipi, is the first graphic novel ever nominated for the prestigious Italian literary Strega Award. It "talks about the fragility and beauty, the tears and hopes of humankind. The story of an eternal fall into the abyss, and how, despite everything, we can raise ourselves up, each time". Intense and beautiful stories of love, life, death, joy, anger, punk and anarchy.