The panel will highlight the threats that climate change poses to global food production, as well as the power of smallholder farmers to adapt to a changing climate while meeting the world's food needs. IFAD has worked with these farmers for almost 40 years. They are among the world's poorest and most vulnerable people, and they face grave risks from extreme weather events that are occurring more and more frequently. At the same time, the world's 500 million small farms produce the majority of the world's food. This is why we need to increase smallholders' resilience.

Organised in association with IFAD.

IFAD invests in rural people, empowering them to reduce poverty, increase food security, improve nutrition and strengthen resilience. Since 1978, we have provided over US$16.3 billion in grants and low-interest loans to projects that have reached about 438 million people. IFAD is an international financial institution and a specialized United Nations agency based in Rome – the UN’s food and agriculture hub.