First presentation in Italy of the latest novel by Etgar Keret, entitled in Italian Sette anni di felicità, due to be published in April 2015. In conversation with Massimo Cirri.

If a rocket can fall on top of us anytime, why should we wash the dishes? And do the birds of the Angry Birds game, launched at full speed against fragile houses, not resemble furious terrorists?

With an unusual irony, Etgar Keret recounts seven years of his life in Tel Aviv. The birth of his child, the story of his ultra-Orthodox sister and her eleven children, the irascible taxi drivers, his parents who survived the Holocaust, the animated literary tours... and the uncommon attitude to be taken when the air raid siren rings.

Through his intimate chronicles, Etgar Keret offers us an amazing X-ray of his contemporaries. A concentration of life, humor and emotions.