is a data repository which collects country-level data for 193 UN countries for the longest period available, starting in 1960. With its ‘3-click to data’ approach, GlobalStat facilitates the search for, access to and use of data collected from various bodies and international statistical sources. Additionally, the website allows for multiple forms of data visualisations. Tables, rankings, bar and line charts offer different graphical representations of the indicators chosen. Filters by period (selection of years) and by groups (selecting countries, continents and/or other entities) are available for targeted in-depth analysis. All data and metadata are accessible free of charge.

GlobalStat is developed by the European University Institute and the Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos.

The proposed workshop will present the GlobalStat database as an easy-to-use, updated and reliable source of international statistics and data. During the workshop the GlobalStat team will train journalists on an effective use of different types of charts and of international comparisons across countries and continents on specific topics. The main goal is to teach how to get the correct information in the clearest format and how to connect numbers to stories. The workshop will also offer the opportunity to discuss the urgency, benefits and pitfalls of contemporary data journalism.

Workshop structure: Introduction to GlobalStat’s content and structure; Examples of infographics and statistical data use in Italian/ International newspapers’ websites and paper versions (for example: Data Blog of Corriere della Sera, Pagina99 Infographics, Openpolis/, etc.); Hands-on training on harvesting the GlobalStat data repository with simple tools.