Presentation of the latest book of Giovanni Floris entitled La prima regola degli Shardana (Feltrinelli, 2016). Moderated by Andrea Valentini.

In Prantixedda Inferru, in the heart of Ogliastra, it is summer with forty-five degrees in the shade when Raffaele, Giuseppe and Sandro arrive in the village with a very unlikely mission: to revive the local football team and win the Sarda Cup. Problem number one: the corrupt mayor of the town and a millionaire without scruples are energetically against the project. Problem number two: perhaps one of his friends is playing against his own team. Problem number three: what will the first rule of the Shardana be?

In a plot full of twists, Giovanni Floris surprises with a new variation of Italian comedy: the Sardinian comedy. At the center, the four characters: Giuseppe, a journalist tired of interviewing politicians and who dreams of football redemption; Raffaele, a businessman who has lived a single season as a lion and dreams of a comeback; Sandro, the fool in shining armour who dreams of becoming Dario Fo; Michela, the girl with green eyes determined to save her friends from themselves - while dreaming of  Raffaele.

In the background there is Sardinia, beyond every stereotype: a president by chance, a furious knight, an opposed love, a rainbow team, a dispute between Roma and Genovese mafia drug dealers, a world champion on vacation, a lame man on the wing right... and friendship. Friendship that struggles to hold life together, on and off the soccer field.