Why do journalism schools teach like it's 1996? And how can we fix this?

In 2016, aspiring journalists need to learn more than traditional reporting skills and journalistic values. They need to master mobile technology, blogging and live video. They need to know how to engage and interact with users on manifold social platforms. They need to learn how to teach themselves the necessary new skills in an ever faster evolving landscape. And they must learn how to create their own (future) jobs as journalistic entrepreneurs.

In the meantime, many journalism schools in the U.S. are evolving and some have become hotbeds of journalistic innovation, while many journalism schools in Europe seem to focus very little on future skills and experimentation. But little changes in priorities and attitudes can have far-reaching consequences.

This panel will focus on how to spark innovation in journalism education, even with low budgets, less than ideal technical equipment and overstuffed curriculums.

Organised in association with the Master Program Digital Journalism at Hamburg Media School.