There has never been a more essential time for journalists to turn their attention to how individuals and institutions are responding to social problems. The news continues to highlight the best of the worst — the worst offenders, the most intractable problems, the saddest and the most fear-based stories. These stories paint the picture of a world that is incapable of improving, and leads to detachment and audience disengagement. But there's so much innovation happening that isn't being reported because of the traditional journalistic misconception that reporting on solutions is somehow advocacy or PR. Since 2013, the Solutions Journalism Network has trained more than 50 newsrooms and thousands of journalists in how to do a more complete and rigorous form of journalism. Our session would cover the fundamentals of solutions journalism, including what it is (and importantly, what it's not), and how it can make your own journalism stronger, higher impact and more audience-friendly. The panel will consist of practitioners of solutions journalism, including editors and reporters who will delve into how they approach this kind of reporting and the effect it's had on their audiences and communities.

Organised in association with Solutions Journalism Network.