ijf17talk by Evan Greer. Moderator Philip Di Salvo.

In May 2017 Chelsea Manning will walk free after 7 years in jail. Manning is the whistleblower who provided WikiLeaks with access to some of its major publications in 2010 and was jailed in consequence under allegations that included espionage. Her initial sentence, arrived after 3 years of pre-trial imprisonment, amounted to 35 years in jail and was commutated by President Obama in his last days in office. The commutation was the result of campaigning and pressure from different groups and people, including journalists, LGBTQ and free speech activists, and passionate lawyers who assisted Manning during her time in prison, fighting for her freedom, civil rights and for the recognition of her identity. Evan Greer, campaign director of Fight for the Future and Manning's friend, has been one of the most vocal people in this fight and coordinator of the campaign that literally saved Chelsea Manning's life.