The debate on online fake news, and more in general on the authority or truthfulness (or “post truthfulness”) of content distributed online, is becoming an increasingly hot topic.

But what are the consequences for those who create or contribute to the spreading of openly false news? What liabilities are there for the “hubs” of fake news and for those who amplify the effect?

This session will analyze possible civil and/or criminal liability in a review of real cases, without forgetting the obligation to check sources when carrying out journalistic activities. A journey into the world of fake news in search for any possible regulatory development in an attempt to fight the “hoax” phenomenon and the potential consequences on freedom of expression online.

Organized in cooperation with the Chairs of “Legal Data Processing”, “Advanced Legal Data Processing” and the specialization courses in “Digital Investigations” and “Data Protection” of the University of Milan (Prof. Giovanni Ziccardi – Prof. Pierluigi Perri).