Naughty children. Online hate, violence and stalking among children and adolescents and cyberbullying. Understanding of the phenomenon, law, case studies, role of adults and technology.

There is an emergency that is becoming widespread regarding hateful behavior and real crimes among children and adolescents: cyber-bullying, cyber-stalking, gender-based extortion, privacy violation and fraud. In Italy, the dissemination of technology, beginning with 7 or 8-year-old children, has created a new framework which will be analyzed in this session with particular attention to the legal framework, the tools to deal with the phenomenon, real understanding of technological aspects and the organization of education courses for children, teachers and parents.

Organised in association with the Chairs of "Legal Informatics", "Advanced Legal Informatics" and Specialization Courses in "Digital Investigations" and "Data Protection" of the University of Milan (Prof. Giovanni Ziccardi - Prof. Pierluigi Perri).