What is whistleblowing and why is it important to fight corruption, identify possible crimes and spread the culture of legality? Does the law really protect whistleblowers? Are there good practices and technological tools that allow us to ensure the whistleblower will not suffer retaliation? What are the factors that determine the success or the failure of an initiative of whistleblowing? What should the journalist do when the only protection offered to whistleblowers is connected to their status as a "source"? These are some of the questions the sessionĀ intends to answer, also highlighting how, in the absence of appropriateĀ legislation, the European regulations due to be implemented risk weakening an already fragileĀ situation.

Organised in association with the Chairs of "Legal Informatics", "Advanced Legal Informatics" and Specialization Courses in "Digital Investigations" and "Data Protection" of the University of Milan (Prof. Giovanni Ziccardi - Prof. Pierluigi Perri).