Use of different tools and applications to navigate safely and protect your accounts and you digital contents. Optimize the use of the search engine to obtain relevant results in a faster and more accurate mode. Verify the information gathered online, on social media and reported on different websites, using reverse image search, geolocalization and correct timing of contents upload as well as different techniques to analyse images and videos. Use Google Scholar to find experts to interview, check the professional skills of researchers and academics in all disciplines, get alerts on new relevant content. Harness the power of Google Earth and Google Street View to check the geolocation of a fact or a story.

Basic tools and working method of a data journalist: data formats, sources, tools for analysis, export and sharing online of datasets. Use of Google worksheets and fast visualization tools. Google Public data explorer to search for official data produced by international organizations. Use of Google Fusion Tables and Google charts to produce powerful interactive charts. Exploitation of Google Trends, a powerful tool to analyze real time data of online searches done by people in a given territory, compare national and regional differences, rankings and trend research in the short and long term. Analysis of several case studies and examples of use by the media.

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