Elisabetta Tola

presenter Radio3 Scienza

Elisabetta Tola is a scientific and data journalist. A 2019 Tow-Knight fellow, she has a PhD in Microbiology. She is an editor of Il BO Live and presenter of Radio3 Scienza on RAI Radio3. Co-founder and CEO of the scientific communications agency formicablu and of the independent non-profit journalism project Facta.eu, she is a media trainer and professor of digital scientific journalism, data and AI on the Masters in Science Communication at SISSA, Trieste. She also coordinates the European research project ENJOI on the quality of journalism and scientific communication.

She is co-author of international multimedia, data journalism and podcast projects - among the latest Foresight - Deep into the future planet, in collaboration with the CMCC, and Oltrenatura, in collaboration with the Festivaletteratura of Mantova. She is the author of the manual Driving scientific research into journalistic reporting (2018, Lookout station project - European Forest Institute), of Making sense of science stats (KSJ science editing handbook, MIT 2020), and co-author of Seeds rediscovered. A journey in search of agro-biodiversity (2020, Codice Edizioni). Author and voice of She, Green podcast produced by Chora Media and Il Bo Live Magazine, (2024).

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