Angela Saini

journalist and author

Angela Saini is an award-winning journalist and author based in New York. She teaches science writing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, presents radio and television programmes, and her writing has appeared in National Geographic, Foreign Policy, and Wired. In 2022 she was a Logan Nonfiction Program Fellow and a fellow of the Humboldt Residency Programme in Berlin.

Her latest book The Patriarchs: How Men Came to Rule was published in spring 2023, and was a finalist for the Orwell Prize for Political Writing. Her last two books Superior: The Return of Race Science and Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong have been translated into fourteen languages and are on university reading lists across the world. Angela's two-part television series for the BBC about the history and science of eugenics aired in 2019. An Undark magazine series on race science she co-edited was a finalist for a National Magazine Award in 2023. As the founder and chair of the 'Challenging Pseudoscience' group at the Royal Institution, Angela campaigns around issues of bias and misinformation. Listen to her 2019 BBC Radio 4 documentary, The Misinformation Virus, here.

She sits on a number of boards, including the Royal Society's Science Policy Expert Advisory Committee. In 2023 she was made an honorary fellow of Keble College, Oxford.

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