Pierre Morel

freelance photojournalist

Pierre Morel is 27 and lives and works in Paris. He became a freelance photojournalist after having studied at the EMI-CFD School of Media and Information in 2008. For Pierre, photography is a means of engagement and activism. He has already worked with several media companies and firms in France and abroad. He was involved in the project ReBuilding Haiti with Florent Maurin & Jean Abbiatecci. The project was fund by an EJC journalism grant. It is a multimedia fiction report that looks at the development challenges facing Haiti. This report started after the January 2010 earthquake and explains the real challenges of the country: rural exodus, slum growth, brain drain, agriculture crisis, deforestation. Through this innovative format - an interactive fiction, a newsgame - this report aims to give Internet users a better understanding of the mechanisms and difficulties of development. The objective is also to refute a fatalistic discourse and show the viewer-Internet user that the poverty situation experienced by Haiti (but also in other countries in the world) is not a curse and has nothing irreversible about it.

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