Stijn Debrouwere

analytics expert

Stijn Debrouwere helps news organizations make sense of their analytics, most recently at Fusion. Before, he built tools for measuring the impact of journalism at the Tow Center for Digital Journalism, and in 2013 was part of The Guardian's data science team in London as a Knight-Mozilla fellow. He's worked in local media and started his career in Belgium as co-founder of investigative news startup He blogs at

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Events in past editions
#IJF16 / 9 april 2016

When correlation is causation

Is red meat bad for your health? What's a triple-blind clinical trial? Are the Finnish really that great at mathematics? What's so significant about statistical significance? During the first half ...

#IJF16 / 8 april 2016

The numbers that rule our lives

From GDP to teacher evaluations to IQ to pageviews, every aspect of our lives is measured and, more often than not, mis-measured. Learn about the problems with university rankings, how we measure ec...

#IJF15 / 16 april 2015

Slow analytics

If all of our analytics went up in smoke, would we truly, genuinely miss them? Stijn will talk about really taking the time to understand our audience and ourselves, rather than jumping to conclusi...