Stefano Liberti

journalist and film director

Stefano Liberti is an award-winning journalist, documentary-maker and film director. He has worked as for the TV programme C'era una volta (RAI 3), directed the documentary L'inferno dei bimbi stregoni (winner of the 2010 Premio L'Anello Debole), co-directed with Andrea Segre the award-winning film Mare chiuso (2012) and with Enrico Parenti the film Container 158 (2013). He has also won the following awards: Premio Marco Luchetta (2008), Premio Indro Montanelli (2009) and Premio Guido Carletti (2010). He is the author of A sud di Lampedusa. Cinque anni di viaggi sulle rotte dei migranti (2008) and Land grabbing. Come il mercato delle terre crea il nuovo colonialismo (2011).

He is a two times winner of a grant from the Innovation in Development Reporting Grant Programme, run by the European Journalism Centre (EJC), with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. His first grant allowed him to carry out an investigation into the Dark Side of the Italian Tomato, while with his second grant he will pursue an investigation called Fish for cheap where he will look into how subsidized foreign vessels plunder West African waters. Thanks to EJC grants, he is now focusing on multimedia productions.

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