Pier Luca Santoro


Pier Luca Santoro is a marketing, communication & sales intelligence consultant, and project manager of DataMediaHub. Since 1998 he has worked as a consultant for strategic positioning projects, organization, communication and training for public and private companies, trade associations and public administrations. From 1987 onwards he was responsible for marketing and commercial organization of large companies (Star, Giuliani, Bonomelli). An experimenter and creator, he has developed a significant experience in the field of edutaitment (education + entertainment) with particular reference to mass communication games.

He is the author of L'edicola del futuro, il futuro delle edicole. Ovvero che fine farà la carta stampata (Informant, 2013) and I giornali del guturo, il futuro dei giornali. Chi vincerà la sfida tra carta e web (Informant, 2015). He is co-author of Connessi. I media siamo noi (EDUSC Edizioni, 2017) and Comunicare digitale. Manuale di teorie, tecniche e pratiche della comunicazione (Centro di Documentazione Giornalistica, 2018).

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