Massimo Polidoro

co-founder and executive director CICAP

Massimo Polidoro, journalist, author, and science communicator, participated alongside Piero Angela in the co-founding of CICAP, the Italian Committee for the Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, of which he is currently the general secretary.

Since 1989, he has worked in television both in Italy and abroad. For "Superquark," he curated the segment on the psychology of hoaxes. He has produced podcasts and educational videos for Audible and his YouTube channel.

Author of numerous essays and novels, Polidoro teaches at the Polytechnic University of Milan and the University of Padua. He has been a Visiting Associate at Harvard University and is invited to give lectures worldwide.

Among his recent publications are "Io, Leonardo da Vinci" (Il Battello a Vapore, 2019), "Atlante dei luoghi misteriosi dell'antichità" (Bompiani, 2020), "Pensa come uno scienziato. Come coltivare l'arte del dubbio" (Edizioni Piemme, 2021), and "Geniale" (Feltrinelli, 2022).

Since February 2023, he has been in bookstores with "La meraviglia del tutto," an authentic summary of Piero Angela's thought, in conversation with his friend and longtime collaborator Massimo Polidoro, published by Mondadori.

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