Roberta Villa

science journalist

A doctor and journalist, Roberta Villa has contributed for more than twenty years to the Health insert of Corriere della Sera and with many other print and online publications. For the scientific journalism agency Zadig she took part in European projects (TELL ME, ASSET), during which she studied the issue of vaccination as a typical case of interaction between science and society in which the role of communication is fundamental, particularly in light of hoaxes and fake news. In 2011 she won the first National Communication, Marketing and Health Information Award at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia. In 2014, together with Antonino Michienzi, she published an e-book investigation on the Stamina case, entitled Acqua sporca, and in 2017 the book Vaccini. Il diritto di non avere paura. In 2017 she opened her YouTube channel where, starting from vaccines, she has been experimenting with a simple and confidential approach to dissemination, also making use of her personal experience as a mother of six children.

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