Over a hundred journalists jailed in Turkey by Erdogan. Opposition newspapers closed illegally in Orban’s Hungary. Journalists in the United States regularly demonized by Trump as “fake news” peddlers. Reporters covering the deadly “night crawl” in the Philippines under Duterte.

This panel seeks to start a discussion on the what of emerging authoritarianism (What should we look out for, those events which first define an emerging authoritarian state?) and the how of reporting it (How do we respond as journalists to those events?).

The panel: Yavuz Baydar is co-founder of P24, the independent media platform that monitors Turkish media. Tamas Bodoky is founder and editor of the investigative news website Atlatszo.hu (“transparent” in Hungarian). Alexa Koenig is executive director of the Human Rights Center at the University of California Berkeley. And John Nery is associate editor of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, which publishes the Kill List.