From computer espionage to propaganda to information influence through the internet: the new info wars between nation-states.

Nations have made the internet, and especially the news on it, a site of clashes which includes espionage activities, cyber-warfare, propaganda up to information influence. The recent case in the news depicting alleged attempts to rig the US presidential election represents only the tip of a bigger and more worrying iceberg. Understanding this kind of phenomena is more relevant and urgent than ever then, in order to develop strategies to counter and mitigate the risks, both from a purely governmental point of view and from that of companies and individual citizens, more and more involved at the forefront of these new wars.

Organized in cooperation with the Chairs of “Legal Data Processing”, “Advanced Legal Data Processing” and the specialization courses in “Digital Investigations” and “Data Protection” of the University of Milan (Prof. Giovanni Ziccardi – Prof. Pierluigi Perri).