Eugenio Albamonte

public prosecutor

Eugenio Albamonte has been an investigating magistrate since 1995, with the last eight years working as a public prosecutor in Rome. He was recently appointed president of the Italian National Association of Magistrates.

He specializes in investigations into cyber crime and cyber terrorism.

He has been involved in investigating criminal activities including pedo-pornography, on-line illegal trafficking on the deep web (weapons, drugs, counterfeit documents but also cloned credit cards and illegal software), Islamic terrorism, illegal cyber activism and cyber espionage.

He is the author of numerous legal publications and has participated in many conferences, public debates and technical training sessions on these issues.

His main investigations include the dismantling of many botnet networks, the dismantling of Blackmerket (one of the leading deep wed portals for the sale of illegal material), the dismantling of numerous websites and platforms dedicated to the distribution of child pornography and the unveiling of multiple incidents of cyber espionage.

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