The web and globalization have eliminated distance, space has been restricted, thus giving us a sort of apparent ubiquity. In the era of Google Earth and Instagram does a reportage still have a value? Are there any places that have not already been discussed and photographed? Are there any alternatives to the format Lonely Planet? From Ryszard Kapuscinski and Tiziano Terzani we will learn how to use books as fellow travelers. Patrick Leigh Fermor and Bruce Chatwin will introduce us the art of wandering. Robert MacFarlane will accompany us in his explorations beyond the limits of the known. With Sylvain Tesson we will discover the charm of adventure, with W. G. Sebald the power of memory, with Lawrence Osborne the strength of improvisation. However far you go, you will always find a tour operator waiting for you and a story to be told which is hiding somewhere.