Drone strikes are among the most defining elements of contemporary warfare. Both when used in conventional war scenarios or for targeted killing programs, military armed drones are usually operated behind a veil of secrecy preventing citizens and journalists to access data and statistics about civilian deaths and strikes efficiency. The US are certainly the biggest players in the field, but the use of drones is expanding worldwide. Countries where drone strikes usage is more troubling are Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. The proposed panel will discuss current issues when it comes to journalistic sourcing and reporting on the matter by putting together speakers of different backgrounds, including investigative journalists, researchers and advocates. The panel will discuss best practices and case studies of monitoring drone strikes, such as the work of The Bureau of Investigative Journalists; the issues concerning access to information and transparency; the role of whistleblowers and the implication for Italy, in particular when it comes to the involvement of the Sigonella base in the drone programs and the Lo Porto case.