Presentation of the book Scoperta. L’Italia rinasce dalla ricerca scientifica? by Roberto Defez. In conversation with Elena Cattaneo and Marco Cattaneo.

Scientific research is not a cultural luxury, but the most concrete option to give a future to the country and to new generations, and to bring back some of the many young people trained in Italy who then left to work abroad. It generates skilled employment, entrepreneurial development, product innovation, but also serves national security, protection of the territory and cultural heritage. The anti-science and nostalgia lobby is gaining ground. We pay for the non-renewal by selling off our historic companies, we were the owners of small restaurants, then we became the cooks and now simple waiters. The scientific method is the way to go up the slope, to modernize the country, to make non-ideological choices in all fields. To reward merit and not the clan, to free energies and to guide our future.