From Pinocchio to MasterChef. From hunger to abundance. The picture of agriculture in three family photos.

From Pinocchio to Masterchef, or in other words the millennial history of agriculture in few words and a few family photos. Pinocchio is the story of a puppet, but also and above all the most beautiful book about hunger, which was a constant feature of life for millennia. We are now in the "Land of Masterchef": the country of Bengalis so longed for by the protagonists of Pinocchio is here. How did we do it? With what innovations? And now, taking everything into account, what costs do we have to bear? With which tools and agronomic practices can we tackle them? The journalist and science communicator Antonio Pascale will actively involve the audience and guests on stage in a conference-show, a talk examining how agriculture has evolved and how consumption styles and the healthiness, quantity and quality of foodstuffs have changed. Despite the trend to emphasize the value of tradition, we will discover how precious innovation in agriculture has been - and still is - and how important correct scientific dissemination is for correct information to the consumer.

Organised and sponsored by Syngenta.