Measuring the news ecosystem

2018-04-14 15:15:00 2018-04-14 16:30:00 Europe/Rome Measuring the news ecosystem #ijf18 Gli editori hanno bisogno di partner per la distribuzione se vogliono sopravvivere online. Ma l'ecosistema delle notizie vive un conflitto su ciò che rende equa la relazione tra piattaforme ed editori. Quanto traffico ottengono gli editori? Quanto stanno perdendo? Quali editori di quali paesi stanno andando bene, e quali sono le linee di tendenza? Qual è lo stato ideale per il mercato - che aspetto ha il successo? Guarderemo ai numeri usando le nuove ricerche condotte da Kaleida ed esploreremo dove si sta dirigendo l'ecosistema della notizia. Sala San Francesco - Perugia

panel discussions | in English (without translation)

  • 15:15 - 16:30   saturday 14/04/2018

Sala San Francesco

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Mark Frankel
social media editor BBC News
Renée Kaplan
head of audience engagement Financial Times
Matt McAlister
co-founder Kaleida
Nic Newman
senior research fellow RISJ

News publishers need distribution partners to survive online. But the news ecosystem is conflicted about what makes a fair relationship between platforms and publishers. How much traffic are publishers getting? How much are they losing? Which publishers in which countries are doing well, and what are the trend lines? What is the ideal state for the market – what does success look like? In this panel we will look at the numbers using new research conducted by Kaleida and explore where the news ecosystem is headed today.

Discussion points:

1) How big is the total referral traffic market for news? By country? By type of content?

2) Where are readers seeing headlines? What drives people to go deeper?

3) What is the value of a click from distribution sources? Are publishers getting value? How much?

4) What would help news organisations the most? If we could start over afresh what would publishers want?


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