I’m sorry, Dave, I can’t verify that: misinformation and AI, challenges and opportunities.

Given the scale of misinformation and disinformation online, new approaches to detecting and addressing information disorder will be necessary. Many have hailed the possibilities of artificial intelligence in this ecosystem, but what’s really possible and what remains science fiction? What are the challenges and opportunities? In this panel discussion, we will bring in leading experts on journalism, technology and artificial intelligence to talk about their latest research in the field, insights from other practitioners, and an overview of efforts. We will also chart a path forward for 2018 and 2019, outlining possible areas of focus for people working in artificial intelligence.

Organised in association with the Credibility Coalition, a big-tent effort to define a framework of signals about online content and its credibility, with partnerships in the W3C, MIT, Berkeley Institute for Data Science, the IPTC and others.