Trust in media and the fight against misinformation is a global problem that requires a global solution; it can never be solved within one region alone, or just by the richest newsrooms.

Across the world, newsrooms and journalists have been on the front lines in the fight against misinformation and the preservation of trust in media - not just for months but for decades. They have solutions because they wouldn't have survived without them, but those ideas rarely get heard, let alone have the chance to be merged with other ideas from people in similar situations. The only way we can effect real change is with a global solution that takes into account all of the voices with a stake in this issue.

The industry needs to come together around the core issues of information sharing, innovation, collaboration and co-ordination of initiatives and ownership of our own narrative in the wider ecosystem. The panelists in this session will discuss how such work might be possible while at the same time highlighting global cases that we should sit up, listen to and take real note of.