Awards ceremony for the winners of the 9th International Journalism Award “Raccontami l’Umbria” – Stories on Umbria, organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Perugia and the Chamber of Commerce of Terni, to enhance and promote, also through the media, the artistic, environmental and productive heritage of the Umbria Region.

The winners of the IX Edition of the Award are as follows.

"Tourism, Environment, Culture" section: Josep Palau, Spanish, from Viajes - National Geographic;

"Umbria del Gusto" section: Silvia Frau of Bell'Italia;

"Video" section: Donatella Bianchi of RAI1;

Jury Award to Massimiliano Rella, in Viaggio;

"Schools of Journalism" Prize to Alessandro Catanzaro and Elena Frasconi of the Perugia School of Journalism;

Special mention "Schools of Journalism" to Pietro Adami, Cristiana Mastronicola and Elena Testi of the Perugia School of Journalism.

Bruno Gambacorta, president of the Jury, said "The 9th edition of Raccontami l'Umbria was undoubtedly one of the richest, both for the number of candidates participating - journalists, writers, authors and producers videos, bloggers, web writers - and for the importance of the represented newspapers. Never have we had so many countries of origin: Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Serbia, Denmark, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Brazil."

Established by the Chambers of Commerce of Perugia and Terni, the International Journalism Award "Raccontami l'Umbria - Stories on Umbria" since its inception has been able to attract the attention of the world of media for the seriousness and credibility of its proposal. "We have never lowered the level of our choices," said the President of the Perugia Chamber of Commerce, Giorgio Mencaroni. "We wanted to create an ambitious project, to promote our excellence, our land, its history, culture and the distinctive features of a highly valued production system in the world. And we could not have succeeded if we had not always held firm the principles of quality, seriousness and transparency. Only in this way "Raccontami l'Umbria" could become what it is today, an authoritative and recognized brand all over the world."

Jury members for the 2018 edition, alongside president Bruno Gambacorta, a well-known journalist of Rai, are the Presidents of the Chambers of Commerce of Perugia and Terni Giorgio Mencaroni and Giuseppe Flamini, the General Secretaries Mario Pera and Giuliana Piandoro, Paola Buonomo, head of the "Raccontami l'Umbria" project, journalists Dennis Redmont, Federico Fioravanti, Alfredo Tesio, Egidio Urbanella, and Fabio Luccioli, representing the Association of Umbrian Journalists.

And here is the detail of the various sections in which the "Raccontami l'Umbria" award is organized this year.

Sezione “Turismo, Ambiente e Cultura”: Josep Palau (Spagna) del National Geographic, con l’articolo: “Umbria, viaje al Corazon verde de Italia”

Sezione “Umbria del Gusto”: Silvia Frau (Italia) di “Bell’Italia – L’Italia del Gusto”, con l’ articolo “Da Narni a Orvieto. Tartufi, frantoi e l’arte dei norcini”, per Bell’Italia “L’Italia del Gusto”

Sezione “Video”: Donatella Bianchi (Italia), conduttrice di LINEA BLU, con il servizio dal titolo: “Trasimeno: il mare dell’Umbria”, trasmesso da RAI 1

Sezione “Scuole di Giornalismo” – Video: Alessandro Catanzaro e Elena Frasconi (Italia) con il servizio “Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria, la rivoluzione del centenario”, trasmesso dal Canale Radiotelevisivo “Quattro Colonne” della Scuola di Giornalismo Radio Televisivo di Perugia.

Premio della Giuria a Massimiliano Rella (Italia) per l’articolo “Cantine di tufo e grandi vini” pubblicato da InViaggio

Menzione Speciale per la Sezione “Scuole di Giornalismo” a Pietro Adami, Cristiana Mastronicola, Elena Testi per il servizio “Perugia nascosta” trasmesso dal Canale Radiotelevisivo “Quattro Colonne” della Scuola di Giornalismo Radio Televisivo di Perugia.