Donatella Bianchi

presenter Linea Blu RAI 1

Journalist, writer, author and anchorwoman, Donatella Bianchi has directed and hosted reports around the world and anchored TV programmes on tourism and the environment such as Sereno Variabile, TGR Italia Agricoltura, Senti la montagna (RadioUno). Since 1994 she has anchored Linea blu, a long-established RAI 1 Saturday programme dedicated to the sea, its inhabitants and communities. For her work as journalist and populariser, she was awarded the Order of merit of the Italian Republic. In 2009, she was appointed member of the Ustica International Academy of Submarine Sciences and Techniques, and in 2010 she was appointed ‘Biodiversity Ambassador’ by the Ministry of the Environment. She received the Navy golden medal for her merits by the Minister for Defence. Since June 2014, she has been President of WWF Italy.

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