The need for a sophisticated, multinational corps of investigative reporters has never been greater. We live in a globalized era in which our commerce—and our crimes--are multinational. Investigative journalists are now on the job in more than a hundred countries, following trails and connecting with their colleagues in a more organized, more profound way than ever before. They have become, in effect, the “special forces” of global journalism. To succeed, journalists worldwide need the best training and technology to do their jobs.

The Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN) is the premier international association of investigative reporting organizations, with 173 member groups in 75 countries. Our members support the training and sharing of information among investigative and data journalists—including repressive regimes and marginalized communities.

In this session, GIJN staff, including our multilingual regional editors, will help journalists navigate the resources available for journalists worldwide. How can you start an investigation? How can you find journalists to collaborate with in a secure way? What are the latest tools, techniques and opportunities for those in the field? How can you track people, money and data around the world?

We’ll demonstrate our revamped free online Resource Center, which will be launched in early 2019. Our Help Desk is already used by journalists in 100 countries per day in seven languages (English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese). With hundreds of tip sheets, videos and reporting guides, the Center is fast-becoming first-stop shopping for journalists embarking on stories worldwide. These include requests for help on reporting, data searches, developing sources, finding contacts, advice on startups and nonprofits, and more.

Our profession’s challenges are considerable – journalists jailed and shot at, stories censored and publications closed, harassment lawsuits, a lack of funding, training, and institutional support. Today more than ever it’s vital to keep spreading state-of-the-art investigative journalism to the farthest reaches of the planet.

Organised in association with the Global Investigative Journalism Network.