How the bubble consumed the internet, a timeline of the collapse, key lessons, and the promising road ahead for great journalism.

In this session Mario Vasilescu will:

> Explain how the modern internet was driven by clicks in a speculative, deceiving fashion which closely parallels classic "bubbles", such as the US real estate bubble and collapse.

> Show shocking and thought-provoking data about the clicks-based system, and various data points that show how it is collapsing, in parallel with both the fall and early resurgence of support for quality journalism.

> Explain key lessons that are essential to succeeding on the road ahead (and not making the same mistakes again), such as The Law of Shitty Clickthroughs; being careful about blindly glorifying engagement metrics; the key ingredient behind Quartz' industry-leading Daily Brief; and the cautionary tale behind Google's early days.

This session is for those who are: frustrated with traditional models and metrics in news, exasperated with the internet ecosystem, and curious to better understand the underlying reasons, looking for compelling arguments and constructive ideas to move past “business as usual”, for their newsroom or themselves.