Mario Vasilescu

co-founder and CEO Readocracy

Mario Vasilescu is co-founder of Readocracy, the first platform dedicated to information wellness, for individuals, communities, and society as a whole. This means exploring how people can become more mindful of, and motivated by, their information diets. This includes providing insights like a “Fitbit for your information diet”, the ability to design your own news algorithm, identifying and bursting 5 types of filter bubbles, and social features that reward people for being well-informed.

With his team, they are on a mission to create a future where how we feed our minds matters just as much as how we feed our bodies. They are a Mozilla FixTheInternet award winner and a SXSW finalist for social impact. Their technology has been awarded by IBM, Canada’s Digital News Innovation Challenge, and The Globe and Mail’s Lab351.

Mario is a robotics engineer turned designer, digital strategist, and now founder obsessed with media ecology. Prior to entering the world of startups, he led digital innovation projects and digital literacy campaigns for national organizations in Canada and France. He is based in Toronto.

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