Italy is a fragile country. On the tenth anniversary of the earthquake of L'Aquila, we must not only remember the victims, we must also ensure such a  tragedy never happens again.

Over the years ActionAid has mobilised in various contexts affected by natural disasters to put people at the center and give new life to communities. From emergency contexts to development programs, from interventions in Italy to those in the rest of the world, citizens must participate in the decision-making processes that affect them. Only in this way can social justice and rights be promoted, improving the quality of democracy. The resilience of the community allows us to prevent and respond effectively, limiting the risk of losing lives immediately and ensuring post-disaster interventions designed according to the real needs of the population.

Now more than ever it is necessary to talk about the fragility of the Italian territory and its towns and citizens. The priority of the country must be security, and to this word should be given the right meaning: to be safe in schools, public places, in homes, knowing that everyone is doing their part.

Organised by ActionAid.