The 'ndrangheta is among the most powerful criminal organizations in the world, now extended and rooted as an international company, thanks also to an annual turnover estimated at tens of billions of euros. From nineteenth-century Calabria, where it has its roots, to the present-day narco-trafficking, the 'ndrangheta has moved largely unscathed through the wars of independence, two world wars, the fascist twenties, the First and Second Republics, thanks in part to a continual underestimation of its power and reach. With Antonio Nicasio, one of the top international experts of  the 'ndrangheta, we retrace Storia segreta della 'ndrangheta. Una lunga e oscura vicenda di sangue e potere (1860-2018) (2018). following the course of the book written with Nicola Grattieri, public prosecutor of Catanzaro and much to the forefront in the fight against the 'ndrangheta. Moderated by Paolo Gomez, editor of