Gary Younge's 23 November 2019 Guardian article entitled Streets on fire: how a decade of protest shaped the world concludes with the following:

And so the decade ended as it started, with demands for systemic change, led primarily by the young, and hundreds of thousands on the streets in Chile, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Haiti, Peru, Sudan, Lebanon, Israel, Iraq and the US. As resistance grows to economic inequalities, state repression, bigotry and sexism, political cultures have become more polarised. With no systemic response to the financial crisis that would prevent it recurring, and no punishment for those who caused it, the world sits on the brink of yet another one. There is more oil on the streets and more sparks to ignite them. The next decade promises to be more combustible than the last.

Jacquelien van Stekelenburg and Gary Younge will discuss these issues and more. Moderated by Leonardo Bianchi.