He is one of the most powerful prime ministers in India’s recent history and the impact of Narendra Modi’s government, currently in its second term, has been deep. The Indian media landscape, reputed for its multiplicity and vibrance has been reshaped in the Modi years - prominent outlets and journalists have fallen in line with the government and simultaneously there has been a surge in online, largely subscriber-funded outlets that are pursuing rigorous, critical journalism and holding the state, corporations and powerful figures to account.

Plenty has been written, debated and lamented about Indian media giants who have either been cowed or have willingly subjugated themselves to the Modi government. This panel moves beyond those lines of analysis. This session will take you on an exploration of the players, methods and impact of those Indian journalists willing to hold power - state, corporate, elite - to account.

If you haven’t known much about the Indian media landscape until now, this is the time to get acquainted. If you have been tracking the Indian media scene, this is the panel to meet with a few of the Indian journalists you need to be following.

Organised in association with The Listening Post Al Jazeera English.