As threats to independent journalism continue to accelerate, with efforts to control the free flow of accurate, unbiased information around the world, the law is being weaponised to compromise journalists’ safety and censor their reporting.

Free and independent media are fighting the battle of their lives, but without significant legal expertise, their defences against authoritarian or malign regimes are weak. So how can we protect journalists most at risk and bolster their ability to speak freely and fairly, without fear of retribution?

Our panel of experts will explore the gaps in legal support available to journalists targeted for their truth telling, and introduce an exciting collaboration led by the Thomson Reuters Foundation to expand the reach and impact of legal assistance available to journalists. The Legal Network for Journalists at Risk will ensure that reporters can fight censorship with specialist legal support via a global network for expert organisations. One of many TRF initiatives to strengthen the journalism profession all over the world, our goal is to ensure journalists can continue to fulfill their role in society by covering public interest stories and holding power to account.

Organised in association with Thomson Reuters Foundation.