Turning accountability into an asset: implementing RSF’s Journalism Trust Initiative. How it’s going and why it matters.

Holding others to account is what journalism is all about. But who is holding us to account? And why does it matter? These questions are among those resulting from the phenomenon of disinformation, which adds to a perfect storm our profession is facing. Suddenly it is no longer enough to claim: ’Trust me, I am a journalist!’ Suddenly, transparency becomes key to regain and retain our audience’s trust, to make the inner workings of our craft visible and to turn this into a competitive advantage.

The Journalism Trust Initiative (JTI) recently launched by press freedom watchdog Reporters Without Borders is offering a compliance tool to operationalize this quest, backed by an official ISO-type standard. With core support provided by the European Broadcasting Union from the start, now the first case studies can be presented and learnings shared. Why did media outlets sign-up for the process in the first place? What obstacles occurred? What are the benefits and is it worth the effort? Join us for this first-hand and exclusive look behind the scenes of implementing the JTI in the daily routine of news organizations.

Organised in association with Reporters Without Borders.