LinkedIn is the hottest new creator platform out there - but it's completely different from everything else. The goal is less around making ad revenue and selling stuff - and more around building and monetizing your personal business brand. As a journalist, LinkedIn offers a great way to package up your expertise, but also to build your news and analysis credibility by reporting and responding to posted news stories.

This workshop covers the basics - and some advanced tips - for how to refresh your profile, build your brand, develop a robust community and become a trusted news source. Whether you want to build a business using LinkedIn, or position yourself for that next big job, you need a deliberate strategy to optimize your LinkedIn presence.

Jim Louderback is one of the first 10,000 users of LinkedIn, and recently completed the LinkedIn Creator Accelerator. He's built a 20k reader weekly newsletter entirely on platform and launched two video series. This session will feature tips, secrets, insight and interactive QA to help optimize your profile, build your brand, expand your community, get noticed and build trust.