The internet, as we currently know it, is in the midst of a crucial pivot. For much of the past decade, online life has been dominated by a handful of powerful social media platforms–walled gardens exerting immeasurable control over how humanity communicates. But now, that stability appears to be crumbling as new competitors, privacy-enhancing technologies, and management decisions that can charitably be described as chaotic have created deep uncertainty that the internet five years from now will look anything like the internet of five years ago.

Documenting this shift are journalists and academics who have deeply reported on the machinations of these social media giants–tracking both companies’ internal dramas and how their policies affect billions of internet users around the world.

Join Coda’s Isobel Cockerell, Columbia Journalism Review's Mathew Ingram, and the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School's Joan Donovan for a discussion about the institutions behind our rapidly shifting digital reality. The Markup’s Aaron Sankin will moderate.