Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine has thrust a spotlight on the Western fossil fuels companies that continue to do business in Russia, generating revenue and raw materials in the wartime economy.

Beginning in mid-2022, investigative journalists, academics and data scientists connected through the Anti-Corruption Data Collective have examined flows of oil and gas products within Russia, from production sites co-owned by European companies to refineries that supply fighter-bombers implicated in attacks on civilian targets in Ukraine.

Their high-impact investigations in Le Monde, Der Speigel and German public broadcaster ZDF have been followed by French oil major TotalEnergies and German energy giant Wintershall Dea announcing exits from Russian joint ventures, as well as legal complaints, and condemnation of the companies from Ukrainian government officials and civil society.

This panel will introduce a new data mapping tool that allows journalists to build on this work and “follow the oil” from Siberian gas fields to the front lines of Russia’s illegal war in Ukraine.

Organised in association with Anti-Corruption Data Collective.